5 LGBTQIA+ UK Dating Apps That Make Swiping Right A Whole Lot Of Fun

We will continue to work with our freelancers and contributors to cover the many topics and news that are important to the LGBT community. Trish Bendix played an important role in my personal and professional development. As a woman of color WoC who owns the queer style website dapperQ , Bendix saw potential in my work and housed my first ever ongoing queer style editorial on AfterEllen. It goes without saying that not having AfterEllen as the supportive resource as I have known it to be for all these years is a major loss. As others in the community are grappling with this blow, there has been a rallying around the remaining media that exists for and by queer women. However, most of the conversations and support have been focusing on media companies that are either percent or majority owned by white women.

The End of Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche

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“Feminine Women Only, No Hook-Ups”: How Lesbians Are Using Dating Apps

Skip to content. I recently met a girl from an online dating app. She said hi to me, and always made the first move. Everything seemed to be very good at the first date. At the end of the day, she asked me out the next day to the beach with her.

Feb 21, – 79 Likes, 1 Comments – AfterEllen (@afterellen) on Instagram: “​Read the story of a lesbian DJ who learned how to get the lesbians to come to her.

Being a lesbian is often all about deciphering whether or not women are interested in you. There is no code. There is no rainbow bat signal. All we have is intuition, and although that serves us right most of the time, our gaydar is sometimes off. Luckily, there are LGBT dating apps— but are they any good? Are they worth our precious gay time? Summary: Overall, the site is easy to use, free, current and overall enjoyable.

AfterEllen Is Shutting Down

Disney’s got a bi lead?! We can’t wait to see her story! Are you or your teenager watching? What did you think? How can we support and welcome detrans women in lesbian community? Read these important interviews with detransitioners, up on the site now.

KB: One thing that I learned is that the online dating profile is really crucial. We think that on the premiere lesbian website, “”.

Money is an ideology. It has value because we believe it does. Similarly, consumer confidence—the quintessential barometer for investors—holds incredible sway in the success of a business or product. And for a business or product to even attract investors, belief in its viability is key. Oddly lesbians—who are, yes, women—are not considered a part of this major consumer market. This oversight is nothing less than lesbian erasure. No one can deny the critical importance of space—physical or virtual—for both community and culture building.


Skip to content. Happy Hour Dating apps are revolutionizing lesbian dating. Everyone knows at least one person dating apps have truly helped, if not shifted their entire experience in the dating world from tedious to exciting or successful. Apps allow us to express our lesbian reality and utilize a user-friendly platform to expose that reality to the world.

AfterEllen launched in , born into a vastly different online landscape to interact with other gay women online that wasn’t just a dating site.

I met my future wife because of the Skins recaps I wrote on AfterEllen. My hero, Scribegrrrl, became my mentor and then a deeply beloved friend because of AfterEllen. As did my hero Dorothy Snarker, the very first real writer to tell me I had what it took to become a real writer. Every week, it seems, news breaks of another site laying off dozens of beloved writers, as sites with big time capital — the Buzzfeeds and Vices of the world — suck up more of the market and more of the advertising money.

And as Facebook continues to change the way websites find readers. The most vulnerable websites, of course, are those who cater to niche markets, particularly ones who cater to women, and super particularly ones who cater to queer women. AfterEllen meant so much to so many people. It has meant so much to me. It will always have a hold on my heart.

Kevin Hart says he will rethink hosting the Oscars after Ellen DeGeneres’ encouragement

Last Friday, a firestorm broke out on the lesbian internet when it was announced that AfterEllen , the fourteen-year-old pop culture site run by and for queer women, was folding. Editor-in-chief Trish Bendix took to her personal Tumblr to announce the news after parent company Evolve Media wouldn’t allow the post on the site itself. After purchasing the site from Viacom two years ago, Evolve “gave us two fiscal years to become their LGBT property and profit in that space, and they found we are not as profitable as moms and fashion,” Bendix wrote.

AfterEllen was a first-of-its-kind publication, a home for a generation of lesbians seeking to find themselves celebrated, represented and understood online.

On Tuesday afternoon, the queer internet found out it was losing one of its precious few bright stars. The editor in chief of AfterEllen, a year-old. dismay​, who’s dating whom—probably wouldn’t show up on my social feeds.

AfterEllen also known as AfterEllen. AfterEllen originally reported on subjects of popular culture, such as celebrities, fashion, film, television, music, and books; publishing articles, regular columns, opinion pieces, interviews, reviews, recaps of television shows with lesbian and bisexual characters or subtextual content, and popularity contests. The site rebranded as TheBacklot. In March , AfterEllen was named one of “the world’s 50 most powerful blogs” by British newspaper The Guardian for its “irreverent look at how the lesbian community is represented in the media.

In September , Trish Bendix announced her departure on her personal Tumblr blog and stated that AfterEllen was shutting down, with only its archive to be kept live. Former AfterEllen senior editor Heather Hogan criticized Joelle on Twitter for doing so, [37] accusing Joelle of promoting a ” lesbophobia ” movement on AfterEllen which, according to Hogan, was a disguise for “anti- trans , anti-bi ” rhetoric.

That we can’t have any autonomy. That we must bow to groupthink at every turn or be subjected to homophobic slurs, attacks on our jobs, doxing. AfterEllen’s official podcast, Let’s Process , premiered on November 18, and continued until January 13, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Feminist news site. Screenshot of AfterEllen main page.

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